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Servicing valves from all major manufacturers is as important to us as servicing any other hydraulic component.  A properly functioning valve is key to any hydraulic system.  That’s why you need an experienced team like ours, you can trust to do an expert repair on a component that’s so critical.


We have the capabilities to repair most all hydraulic valves (including: directional valves, flow control valves, pressure control valves, relief valves, check valves, stack valves) and main control valves found on industrial and mobile equipment.  Each repaired valve goes through systematic testing procedures in accordance with OEM specifications before it leaves our facilities.


We service a large range hydraulic valves from many different manufacturers such as:


◾Abex Denison

◾Hagglunds Denison
◾Ingersoll Rand
◾Parker Hannifin
◾& More


We always start by disassembling the entire equipment and cleaning all the components thoroughly.  This allows us to inspect all the parts closely to find out flaws or accessories which may require to be changed or replaced.  Once this is done we are able to give you an accurate quote.


When a part is obsolete or beyond repair/reconditioning, our in-house machine shop can reduce cost and create fast turnaround by manufacturing replacements that meet or exceed OEM specs.


Allow us to take all of your hydraulic valve troubles off of your hands and get you back to work in the shortest time possible.


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