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Rebuilding a cylinder before a major failure is a wise investment.  Repair indicators such as leaks and drift can be clues that it may be time to consider rebuilding as an option.  Leaks are a potential ingress point for contaminants and also cause loss of fluid.  In addition, a leak can allow air to enter a system.  Drifting is another signal of potential issues and a proper rebuild can produce measurable performance gains.


Rebuild Program


At Lone Star Machine Works, we adhere to a stringent process that will rebuild your hydraulic cylinder to OEM specifications to like new performance.  Our technicians use the proper technology, tooling and equipment to ensure a sustainable repair every time.


With experience in steel, aluminum, mobile, construction and other heavy-load pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder applications, the Lone Star Machine Works team members combine to put their skills and knowledge to work on your projects.

Here are a few key components of our Rebuild Program 


  • Every cylinder is received in our wash bay and thoroughly cleaned of all external contaminants

  • Technicians then disassemble using non-destructive methods to preserve the integrity of the cylinder

  • All internal & external parts are cleaned to meet our stringent contamination control standards

  • A detailed inspection of all cylinder components is performed and documented

  • Tube is measured for size, roundness, straightness and significant bore damage

  • Rods are inspected for size, roundness, straightness and chrome condition and thickness

  • Eyes or alternate mountings are examined for both fit and function

  • Pistons, heads and glands are scrutinized to ensure a proper fit for seals and rings

  • All components must meet or exceed OEM and Lone Star Machine Works standards

  • Before final assembly we hone the tube, polish the chrome rod and remove all burrs

  • All components are then washed super clean to meet our 5 Star Contamination Control standards

  • Once final assembly is complete, the cylinder is tested and painted before being returned to service


Repair Service


In some instances, our thorough cylinder inspection process will reveal abnormalities that prohibit a simple hone and reseal.  In those cases, our expert technicians will develop a repair plan to suit your needs.  Many times, we can repair a component for a fraction of the cost of new.  In addition we can also repair or manufacture virtually any cylinder component from scratch including rods, pistons and tubes that will meet or exceed OEM specifications. 


Our in house repair capabilities include:


  • Precision CNC Turning & Machining Centers

  • Large Horizontal Boring Mill & Large Swing/Long Length Lathe

  • Drive-In Bay with 20 & 30 Ton Cranes

  • Extensive Welding, Honing, Testing

  • Expansive Inventory of Raw Material

  • Induction Hardened Chrome Bar Stock

  • Steel Tubing, Ductile Iron Bar and Bronze

  • Automated Production Sawing & Hydraulic Presses


Cylinder Manufacturing


Whether you have a specific need for a custom cylinder or if you are just seeking an alternate source for your hydraulic cylinders, Lone Star Machine Works can help.  We will manufacture cylinders to your specifications in virtually any quantity. 


Some applications for cylinders we currently manufacture are:


  • Heavy Construction Equipment

  • Mining Machinery

  • Scrap & Recycling Operations

  • Industrial Shears, Presses, Punches and Brakes

  • Steel Mills, Foundries, Metal Stamping and Plastic Injection & Blow Molding, Extruders

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